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Turra, McCarrs, Beaches, Lakes, Spit, Leonards

Turramurra Station, East side, , AUSTRALIA
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This Ride has great variety and plenty of iconic Sydney scenery. Most of the first 45% is on free-flowing roads and average-speed will be high (one major descent, only short climbs). Thereafter, riding becomes scenic but fiddly, and unsuitable for Strava-striving. From the standard start at Turramurra (alt. 178M), we head to Terry Hills, McCarrs Creek, Mona Vale, Narrabeen Lagoon (north & west), Cromer, Dee Why, Freshwater, Burnt Bridge Creek, The Spit, St Leonards (alt. 95M). 10km along busy Mona Vale Rd: 2-abreast on inner-lane (of 3) for 3.5km, then shoulder. A 5km winding descent to McCarrs Creek warrants care, particularly after rain. After 23km, Church Pt is reached with its great view of Pittwater, plus loo and refreshment options. 4km along scenic Pittwater Rd follows, with its narrow shoulder sometimes disappearing and some root and vegetation hazards.

Before peak traffic is encountered, the route heads east to the ocean at Mona Vale after 29km. From here we use a mixture of quiet roads and 10 SUPs over the next 33km, with the SUPs totalling 17.4km. Leaders may choose to use adjacent roads for some/parts of these SUPs. Features in this section include ocean, beaches, headlands, Narrabeen Lagoon, Dee Why, Burnt Bridge Creek, The Spit, Middle Harbour and up-market suburbia. Most of the 2.8km SUP along the northern side of Narrabeen Lagoon is packed dirt, and becomes challenging on skinny tyres when wet. The shoulder of Wakehurst Parkway is then preferable, mindful that the shoulder ceases for crossing a short bridge. The western SUP is sealed, except for latticed-metal boardwalks with non-slip coating. The Ride ends at St Leonards Station, a 20-minute train trip from our Turramurra start-point. Some riders split away about 1km from the finish, to head home north or south. The route map shows refreshment options at several points from Church Point to Freshwater. “Made @ Luke’s”, in Cromer after 39km, is away from the oft-crowded waterside and has extensive food options.

Notes: Start station east-side. Coffee at Dee Why after 40km.

Pre-registration is required through the Bike North website link

Ride LeaderRichard Kelly
Distance (km)64
approx. 19-22 kms/hr
Metres Climbed 726.455
GradeMedium Hard
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SuitabilitySuits reasonably fit road riders, OK with fast vehicles passing close, and climbing, but patience for busy SUPs.
FeaturesBush, Pittwater, Narrabeen Lagoon, Ocean, Beaches, Headlands, Middle Harbour
Coffee stop“Made @ Luke’s”, Cromer (after 39km)
Expected duration4.5 hour(s) (estimate only - ride may be longer due to on the day factors)
For more information including ride map and profile, and any pre-registration options please check the Calendar Entry on the Bike North Website


As a participant in this dangerous recreational activity, you may be exposing yourself to a significant risk of harm. Bike North, the ride organisers and leaders wish to warn you of the risks and hazards that are an inherent part of cycling, and to take care to prevent putting yourself, your fellow participants and/or others into danger. By registering for this ride, you accept the warning as to risk, and you agree to ride in a safe and responsible manner and to obey all Australian Road Rules.


Event date: 25/02/2023
Time:  07:15:00

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  Turramurra Station, East side, 
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