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Three Gorges Pies

Hornsby Park, northern end, opposite Council Chambers, , AUSTRALIA
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This is one of the hardest rides run by Bike North and you should definitely do lots of other rides first, You should be comfortable at the front of other hard rides before you attempt this ride.

We start at Hornsby Park opp Coronation St near the Pool and immediately drop down the fast descent through the 6 hairpins down to the bridges at the bottom of Galston Gorge. Lots of care must be taken, especially early in the morning when we run through because of dew or rain n the steep road.

A hard pull up for 3 km brings us through the village of Galston and then we undulate through attractive rural Arcadia and Berrilee regions. These roads are dead to ride on and you will need to keep the effort up until the next descent down to Berowra Waters. This is another fast tricky descent and you won't be able to relax until you see the ferry ahead.

The time waiting for the ferry is a good chance to have a snack, stretch and drink because the next stretch is a 4km climb up a steady grade to Berowra. The steepest section is at the bottom but don't forget to keep plenty in reserve. This is not the end of the climbs.

We follow the ups and downs of the Pacific Highway for the next 9km to shake the hill out of your legs. Pie in the Sky beckons with it famous range of Pies. In winter they have a fireplace roaring and in summer heavy shade from mature pine trees.

South back along the highway for 15 km after leaving Pie sees us dropping back down to sea level once more. This descent is the trickiest of all with steeper roads and tight corners. We have a chance for a comfort stop at the bottom before the 4km and 5% ascent to the top again. By now most riders are really starting to feel the hills in their legs.

Back streets lead to Hornsby were we finish exactly where we started after using the main roads for the last section. Once back you should have a great sense of achievement.

Notes: Coffee will be after the 3 climbs at Nth Turramurra so bring a snack. We won't go to PITS for coffee but turn right at old pacific highway after Berowra climb.

Pre-registration is required through the Bike North website link

Ride LeaderMark Hooper
Distance (km)76
approx. 22-25 kms/hr
Metres Climbed 1260.72
REECalculate your REE
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SuitabilityFit, experienced riders
FeaturesChallenging hills and great scenery
Coffee stopUsually at Pie in the Sky cafe
Expected duration4.5 hour(s) (estimate only - ride may be longer due to on the day factors)
For more information including ride map and profile, and any pre-registration options please check the Calendar Entry on the Bike North Website


As a participant in this dangerous recreational activity, you may be exposing yourself to a significant risk of harm. Bike North, the ride organisers and leaders wish to warn you of the risks and hazards that are an inherent part of cycling, and to take care to prevent putting yourself, your fellow participants and/or others into danger. By registering for this ride, you accept the warning as to risk, and you agree to ride in a safe and responsible manner and to obey all Australian Road Rules.


Event date: 19/11/2022
Time:  07:00:00

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  Hornsby Park, northern end, opposite Council Chambers,