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Pie in the Sky (Extended Version)

Hornsby Park, opposite Coronation St, near pool, , AUSTRALIA
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Ride from Hornsby up the old Pacific Highway to Cowan and then down the hill to the Hawkesbury River. Turn around and climb the hill back to Pie in the Sky for some grand views. Enjoy some delicious pie and conversation before returning to Hornsby.

Notes: There is the possibility of showers later in the day so we'll try to get in a shorter ride beforehand.The ride will be extended to Brooklyn Marina for coffee before returning to Hornsby. It is anticipated we'll be in the lower end of brisk or top end of moderate.Please ensure you are aware of COVID-19 protocols.

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Ride LeaderBrian Lynne
Distance (km)46
approx. 22-25 kms/hr
Metres Climbed 591.663
GradeMedium Hard
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SuitabilitySuitable for those that want more of a challenge than the normal Pie in the Sky ride provides.
FeaturesHawkesbury River, quiet main road, scenic views, good descent and climb
Coffee stopUsually at Pie in the Sky
Expected duration3.5 hour(s) (estimate only - ride may be longer due to on the day factors)
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As a participant in this dangerous recreational activity, you may be exposing yourself to a significant risk of harm. Bike North, the ride organisers and leaders wish to warn you of the risks and hazards that are an inherent part of cycling, and to take care to prevent putting yourself, your fellow participants and/or others into danger. By signing onto this ride, you accept the warning as to risk, and you agree to ride in a safe and responsible manner and to obey all Australian Road Rules.


Event date: 16/03/2021
Time:  07:30:00

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  Hornsby Park, opposite Coronation St, near pool, 
0408 617 801