This is a shorter, more cruisy ride than most Richard leads. Some of the route is on moderate-traffic roads, but plenty is on SUPs.

71km [+420M] adventure south-east, diagonally through Sydney.
Suitable only for experienced, fit, flowing road cyclists used to riding 50+km in a day, maintaining 22kph on flat smooth surface, AND FAST TRAFFIC PASSING CLOSE.

This route milks the forecast NW breeze, and is intermittently near rail-bail options. Route may change if rain threatens.

Coffee after only 12km at Backshed Cafe, Kings Langley. Lunch after 51km at Macchina Espresso, Kingsgrove.

Optional swim/surf at end :) Trains from Cronulla quarter-hourly, taking approx 50 mins to Central.


Please contact leader if not well known to him or if concerned about handling this ride (Richard, 0428 640 975).

Bike Leichhardt COVID 19 Ride Health Warning.
If you are sick with flu like symptoms, or have a fever or severe headache, do not come. If you display these symptoms during the ride, the ride leader has an obligation to ask you to leave the ride. If you have been asked to self isolate for whatever reason, do not come. (See current For briefings, refreshment and other stops we will practice "social distancing" - do not crowd each other, avoid skin to skin contact, and wash your hands and face regularly. Bring mask for train.