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A structured ride using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), focussing on hill climbing.

We ride twice up the hill from the Brooklyn turnoff to Pie in The Sky, along the Old Pacific Highway. The road has a good surface with two lanes and little traffic. The HIIT ‘intervals’ are all steady uphill sections, with gradients approx. 3-6%. ‘Recovery’ is at the five designated stops and while coasting back downhill.

All the time, we pass sweeping, dramatic bushland scenery.

First, we warm-up from Berowra station to the bottom of our first interval, up Pig Hill. After recovering from that Interval, we coast down almost to the Hawkesbury River. Then we climb back up the hill in five intervals with designated stops at wide recovery areas off the side of the road. We roll back down to the bottom and repeat the five intervals as we climb back up the hill. Coffee is at Pie in The Sky, then we return to Berowra station.

Toilets are Berowra station and Pie in The Sky. Riders can bail out from Pie in The Sky or by following the Brooklyn turnoff to Hawkesbury River railway station.

During inclement weather, the descent needs special care. In summer it can be very hot so carry extra water. Possible hazards include branches and leaves, cars and motor cyclists.

We try to cater for all level of fitness and strength. No riders will be left behind. All participants are responsible for riding within their limits. Because of the extra exertion involved in HIIT, participants must at all times monitor their physical condition and stop riding if they are outside normal limits or in distress. We recommend using a heart monitor.

Notes: It's a big hill that is a familiar part of many Bike North rides, but today we do it with a difference. Instead of one long climb, we do it in five sections - High Intensity Intervals - with designated stops off the side of the road at wide recovery areas. To maximise your training benefits, we hope you can join us a few times. However, you can start anytime; don't worry if this is your first time; we have frequent regroups. Hopefully, you will feel the improvements after a couple of weeks. There are various ways to measure your improvements over time: you could compare your times for various sections of the ride, track your performance on Strava segments, or you could use a powermeter if you have one. Everyone can measure their fitness differently and improve at different rates.

Pre-registration is required through the Bike North website link


Ride LeaderMartin Bowesman
Distance (km)33
approx. 19-22 kms/hr
Metres Climbed 583.74
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SuitabilityThis program caters for all level of fitness and strength. No riders will be left behind. We will try to adjust the Program to anyone who registers. All participants will be responsible for riding within their limits. Because of the extra exertion in
FeaturesA structured ride using High Intensity Interval Training, focussing on hill climbing. The road has a steady climb, a good surface, with two-lanes during the climb, and passing through sweeping, dramatic scenery.
Coffee stopPie in the Sky
Expected duration3 hour(s) (estimate only - ride may be longer due to on the day factors)
For more information including ride map and profile, and any pre-registration options please check the Calendar Entry on the Bike North Website


As a participant in this dangerous recreational activity, you may be exposing yourself to a significant risk of harm. Bike North, the ride organisers and leaders wish to warn you of the risks and hazards that are an inherent part of cycling, and to take care to prevent putting yourself, your fellow participants and/or others into danger. By signing onto this ride, you accept the warning as to risk, and you agree to ride in a safe and responsible manner and to obey all Australian Road Rules.


Event date: 11/07/2022
Time:  08:45:00

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